Open Letter to Apple Inc, Tim Cook and All Others Doing Business In China:

The Chinese Government is actively and aggressively engaged in the elimination of Tibetans and the Tibetan culture. The Chinese government embraces a policy that focuses on Tibet’s cultural elimination through torture, murder, forced sterilizations, fear mongering, kidnapping of monks and nuns, and propaganda to name a few. Whereas you are in a unique position to affect Chinese policy we would urge you to encourage the Chinese Government to address its counterproductive policies in the Tibetan areas, which have created tensions and threatened the unique religious, cultural, and linguistic identity of the Tibetan people.
Whereas the Tibetan culture is a very rare and valuable culture, having studied the nature of the mind and the nature of phenomena in a traceable lineage for the past 1300 years, and is considered perhaps the most spiritual culture in the world today we would ask, considering your unique position in China, to affect pressure to help resolve these issues.
We know that Mr. Jobs might have felt a certain sensitivity to what the Tibetans contribute to the world. Apple Inc has had another record year in several financial and income categories. Please bring your personal success to now be of benefit to the world at large. Now beyond material success, please enjoy the success of having done something meaningful, something more powerful and beyond the bottom line. Now, Think Different. We all know what you are. Now please, show the world who you are.

Please, anyone who reads this help edit to a more measured or palatable form for a full-page NY Times publication. Thank you.

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