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YES! I would like to join The Force for Good and make a Tax deduction donation to Bodhicitta, Inc.

Please donate to our cause;  to support a culture that has the best of intentions for us all, a culture that teaches altruism, compassion for others and inspires a desire for world peace.

If we can all step up to support the altruism and compassion of these people then we have helped bring more peace to the world ourselves.

This is a great opportunity to make our own lives more meaningful, inspirational, and to fulfill our own purpose here in this life:  to help others in need.


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Each KarmaBlast project is submitted by our support network of constituents. A KarmaBlast project must be under $500,000 USD and have a tangible deliverable at the end of the project.

While the focus of our projects is located in Asia, we are always looking to expand our scope and welcome ideas from our community as to where to put our attention next. Learn More.