Educating Girls in India

In Dehradun, India we are assisting the GIFT Project (Girls Institute For Technology), an organization dedicated to locating young and disabled or handicapped girls and orphans from the surrounding mountain tribes, then caring for and giving each of them a superior education in technology. It costs approximately $1000 to educate, house and feed each girl for 1 year and our initial goal is to raise $100,000 to sponsor 100 girls.

This is a joint venture with our friends at GIFT following at meeting with Lama Tenzin, an attendant to the Oracle to His Holiness The Dalai Lama who runs this existing orphanage with help from his family.

The Girls Institute For Technology provides an academic environment for disabled and disadvantaged girls to develop practical computer and business skills.

GIFT will provide free scholarships, residences, and an unconditionally loving family environment for all girls regardless of their religion or caste. Inside, every girl will live in an accommodating environment that treats everyone the same so that all girls feel equal to one another.

Above the current CED orphanage building, a four story building that will house the Girl’s Institute for Technology will be built. During the nine month construction period, temporary housing will be provided for the orphanage. Once completed, GIFT will include computer classrooms, dormitories, kitchens, and elevator lifts…all handicapped accessible.

Current plans include a 108 maximum student capacity with 60 dormitory beds. Each classroom will support 20 girls with the latest computer and software technology and be wheelchair accessible.

Our goal is to raise $100K to sponsor the education and support of 100 girls for an entire year.

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