Submit your own project idea


The concept of KarmaBlast is “community generated action.” All of our project ideas come from the support network built around KarmaBlast.

You can help us determine where to put our focus by submitting your project idea via email: vic.karmablast@gmail.com. We review all project ideas at our Quarterly Board Meeting. Once selected we begin a review and planning process with the entity/group that needs help.

Keep in mind that the projects need to conform to the following requirements:

  1. Project must help those in need
  2. Entire project must be under $500,000 USD
  3. Must have a tangible or definitive deliverable such as “educate, feed and clothe a child for 1 year in India” or “new kitchen for Tibetan monastery.”
  4. Recipient of funds must be willing to provide necessary paperwork on all expenses related to project as well as detailed progress reports throughout project roadmap.

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Each KarmaBlast project is submitted by our support network of constituents. A KarmaBlast project must be under $500,000 USD and have a tangible deliverable at the end of the project.

While the focus of our projects is located in Asia, we are always looking to expand our scope and welcome ideas from our community as to where to put our attention next. Learn More.