Tibetan Monastery (completed)


We met the monks of the monastery in 2005 during a spiritual trek through Tibet. We were immediately compelled to help improve the living conditions of the monks and the children they support and educate. This was the impetus for starting Bodhicitta Inc and creating the KarmaBlast network.

The total amount to rebuild the monastery was $150,000 and when completed  included a new Temple, Dormitories, School and Kitchen/Dining Room. We are pleased that the funds to complete this project have been raised through generous support, and the construction is finished.

However, we still seek ongoing contributions to support and sustain the monastic community and their efforts to preserve their culture through the education of the local children in the region. For example, at this time the Headmaster manages to feed 164 students with food sponsorships for only 16. A donation of $300 will feed one monk for an entire year.

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Each KarmaBlast project is submitted by our support network of constituents. A KarmaBlast project must be under $500,000 USD and have a tangible deliverable at the end of the project.

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